Siding & Windows

Miller's Roofing and Siding has years of expertise in installing steal and vinyl along with siding and windows. Our professional installation services not only improve the appearance of your home or business but it also reduces the utility costs and increases your building's value.


No one understands more then us of how important your home is to you. We have over two decades of experience servicing homeowners like yourself. Selection of your siding can be a reflection of who you are, and we understand that. We can assist you in picking out the siding that is just right for you and your home or business. The most popular vinyl siding our customers select is manufactured by CertainTeed or Allside's Charter Oak.


Perfect for commercial, industrial and residential buildings, steel siding is the preference of our customers who value durability, low-maintenance.

Steel siding is extremely hard to dent and is more fade, corrosion and fire resistant then Vinyl and less prone to brittleness in our Northern cold weather. We can help you select the steel siding that is perfect for your building and our highly trained and experienced professionals can install it for you.


Protect and beautify your home with a color coordinated and rain carrying system. Gutters and soffits work as a complete protection and beautification package for all new home construction, existing remodeling, and commercial properties. Vented soffits will help control air flow and attic temperature. Gutters are a significant part of your home or business because they move the rain and snow moisture away from your foundation. This will help prevent cracks in your foundation and water leakage into your basement.


The number one reason people select to install new windows is for energy efficiency. New windows also add a fresh look to your building and increase its value, creating a new way of life! We at Miller's Roofing and Siding provide quality window installation and we can assist you in selecting the windows that are perfect for your building and budget.


You can buy the best materials available, but improper installation will result in money wasted. Our employees have all been properly trained to ensure that all materials are property installed. We take pride in providing economical, friendly and professional installation services for all of your siding and window needs.


Keeping the temperature in your home can be difficult if your insulation is improperly installed, or not even installed at all. We will make sure that your insulation is perfectly installed and updated so that your home can stay comfortable and perfect for you.